Should we let our pets sleep in our bed?

Restwell Oct 11 2019

Sleeping with your pets happens, that’s just the truth. So often owners have the best intentions of not allowing their pets on the bed, but for one reason or another, the bed is usually where they end up sleeping. So how do you decide if bed privileges are the right choice for your canine pal? […]

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle: Which is Better for Our Sleep?

October 13th Spring Air 1

Some of us can’t help but crave and adore some cuddling time, but others need their space. No matter which camp of the two you are in, everyone can agree on one thing: we all want the best night’s rest. Does cuddling provide a better night’s sleep? We are going to dive right into that […]

Want a Promotion? Prioritize your Sleep & Watch as your Performance Improves!

Restwell Aug 30 2019

Getting a promotion takes a lot of hard work, some luck, and a particular combination of keen awareness & perception. But how can you get noticed by your boss sooner rather than later? The answer is… more sleep! There are many myths about how successful people forego sleep and that helps them become more successful. […]

Going Back to School: How-to Optimize your Sleep Habits to Achieve Great Grades

Restwell Aug 16 2019

Summer is coming to a close, and aside from going cloth and school supply shopping, now’s the time to get your children back into good sleeping habits. As a key part in the success of your child’s school year, sleep can either inhibit progress & good grades or help them achieve amazing results. While having […]