How Losing Sleep Can Cause You to Get Fat

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Sleep is good. Further to that point, if you don’t sleep enough your pant size may suffer. Do you suffer from or do any of the below? Chronic Sleep Problems Work Irregular Shift Hours Decide to Burn the Midnight Oil Often If you do, you could be running the risk of slowing down your metabolism. […]

Sick? Here’s a Few Ways to Sleep with a Runny Nose

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Sleeping with a runny nose is impossible. Plus, sleep is vital in the healing process. Studies have shown even found that better sleep may reduce the risk of getting a cold in the first place. Several strategies can prevent a stuffy nose from ruining a good night’s sleep.   Prop Up your Head Elevating your […]

I Fall Asleep to Music, Is that Bad for Me?

Restwell dec 9th 2019

Music is important to us. It’s intertwined throughout our society and every one of us has their own tastes and music preferences. Whether it is a love, hate, sad, or happy song, there is always one that can get you through the day. Music is the perfect way to improve your mood or put you […]

Don’t Ruin your Body: 5 Things that Happen to your Body When You Don’t Sleep Enough

Restwell nov 22nd 2019

Sleeping is great. It’s hardly disputed, but along with being amazing, it’s also critical to overall well-being and quality of life. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your health, lower your sex drive, weaken your immune system, cause thinking issues, lead to weight gain, among many, many other things. When you don’t get enough sleep, […]

Want to Sleep Deeper? Keep These Things Out of the Bedroom!

Restwell nov 8 2019

Sleeping for 8 hours is tough. But if you have distractions in your bedroom, it’s just about impossible to sleep that long. There are obvious things to do to maximize your sleep like putting your phone to bed before entering the bedroom, as well as avoiding heavy meals right before bedtime. Other items that keep […]

What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Restwell Oct 25 2019

There a ton of reasons why many of us don’t get as much sleep as we’d like. But at the end of the day, whatever you’re dealing with, you’re simply not getting enough sleep. In this article, we’re going to look at the many factors that keep us up at night and how you can […]