Sleeping with a runny nose is impossible. Plus, sleep is vital in the healing process. Studies have shown even found that better sleep may reduce the risk of getting a cold in the first place. Several strategies can prevent a stuffy nose from ruining a good night’s sleep.


Prop Up your Head

Elevating your head during the night makes it easier for your nose and sinuses to drain. This is important because at night mucus pools in the head, making it harder to breathe and potentially causing a sinus headache in the morning. Try elevating the head on a few pillows to help the sinuses drain more easily.


Prepare your Bedroom

A dry runny nose at night often becomes irritated. Humidifiers moisturize the air, preventing dryness and reducing the pain of breathing while congested. It is important to clean humidifiers regularly, as moisture can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Congestion is not the only thing that makes it harder to sleep with a cold. For many people, getting up for water or tissues can interrupt sleep all night. Keeping a box of tissues, a wastebasket, and a bottle of water by the bed can make nightly interruptions shorter and more comfortable.


Add Honey to your Routine

This is generally how it happens, you have a runny nose, then you start to breathe through your mouth, which then makes your throat sore. Life’s fun, sometimes right?

When a person already has a cough or sore throat, this can make it difficult to sleep. Honey coats the throat, easing discomfort. Honey may even work as a cough suppressant. Honey was the most effective option for easing cough symptoms. Children may also be more willing to try honey than medications.


Hit Yourself with Steam

Hot steam may help open the sinuses. Steam loosens the dried mucus and can help the nose drain before bed, reducing pain and congestion. Some people find that massaging the skin covering the sinuses promotes further drainage. Taking a warm shower before bed may also help a person relax before trying to sleep.


Try Something Different? Perhaps a Nasal Strip

Nasal strips attach to the bridge of the nose and pull the nostrils out slightly. Although many people use nasal strips to prevent snoring, they can also make it easier to breathe when a person has a stuffy nose. Try sleeping with a nose strip until the congestion eases.


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