Restwell Sleep Products is a boutique mattress manufacturer in Surrey, BC. We service both independent dealers and national retail chains in North America, as well as hundreds of corporate clients in Canada.

With so many companies to service, we manufacture a diverse lineup of mattresses and bed foundations. These products range from super-luxury to cost-friendly, soft to firm, single to king, etc. Below is a quick explanation of the brands we manufacture, and how they differ from each other.

Pure Energy Sleep Systems

A Pure Energy mattress is a masterpiece of technology and science. Manufactured with exclusive technologies, a Pure Energy mattress improves overall wellness, to help the body naturally realize its full potential. CellActive™, Celliant®, and Cellitex™ properties have been developed and tested under the guidance of experts in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, and medicine.

This is one of the more expensive lines that Restwell manufacturers, however, it is also one of the most popular among retailers and customers alike.

Most suitable for: Someone with aches and pains or that doesn’t have a lot of time to sleep and needs to be re-energized quickly & efficiently.


Spring Air

Spring Air is a staple of our offerings, however, underneath the Spring Air umbrella, we offer a variety of mattress brands.


Chiro Comfort Collection

The Chiro Comfort Collection provides a full range of options for dealers and customers. Whether you’re in need of a very supporting mattress or are looking for a more cost efficient soft model, Chiro Comfort has something for you! This brand makes it easy to find the perfect mattress for you.

Most suitable for: Someone looking for a starter mattress, and is working within tighter budget constraints.


Back Supporter

It’s good to think of our Back Supporter brand as our classic mattress line. It offers medium-priced beds for all body types and preferences. Plus, these models are chock-full of technology. Their 7-5-3 zone technology helps create a mattress that fully supports your body (to learn more about the 7-5-3, click here).

Most suitable for: Someone who loves the look and feel of a classic, luxurious mattress.


Nature’s Rest

Nature’s Rest is all about premium, high-quality materials. In the spirit of its name, every piece that goes into a Nature’s Rest mattress is inspected and handmade by devoted experts that take pride in their craft. On this mattress, you’ll experience perfect harmony between elegance and unparalleled comfort.

Most suitable for: Anyone interested in sleeping on a mattress that merges that natural elements with a 21st century look and feel.



Driven to improve people’s daily well‐being, Novo Sleep Systems® is leading the way in providing you and your family with the most advanced mattresses that are personalized for the way you sleep. We make it easy for you to create the perfect sleeping environment for each member of your family.

Most suitable for: Someone who is looking for a technologically advanced bed that relieves pain and also has natural elements worked into it.


That’s Restwell at a glance… for right now. We’re always developing and changing our mattress lines, so stay tuned as we grow and adapt to the fast-changing mattress marketplace.

For more information, reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Founded in 1990, Restwell sells its product line through National Retail & Independent Dealers in North America. Restwell also has a Hospitality Sales Division which services corporate accounts across Canada.

Restwell manufactures all bedding, at its state-of-the-art facility in Surrey B.C., to order through “just in time” production techniques which serves our dealers and customers more efficiently. Most bedding orders are scheduled, produced and shipped within 3 days of receipt with fast, friendly and reliable service on our dedicated trucking fleet.

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