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Restwell Logistics Services

Think Restwell Sleep Products only does mattresses? Think again! We’re also skilled logistics people who offer shipping solutions to cities all over BC and Alberta. Born out of pure necessity, we had to find a way to promptly and effectively service our dealers throughout Western Canada, the Restwell logistics services team averages 1000 deliveries to over 90 cities EACH MONTH!

We’re a great team to work with because we’re small enough that we still care about each of our individual customers, but also large & experienced enough that you can trust us to get the job done right every time!

Elements that separate us from the competition:

                We’re Adaptable

We have a diverse fleet of trucks that includes:

  • 4x Highway Volvo Tractors
  • 2x Day Cab Tractors
  • 7x International 5 Ton
  • 1x Ford F-150 1 Ton
  • 12x 53ft Trailers
  • 2x 30ft Trailers
  • 1x 48ft Trailers

PLEASE NOTE, all of our trailers are tandem dry vans.

This means that we can handle almost any size of shipment that you can throw at us. Plus, we’re already making monthly, if not weekly, trips across Western Canada, so it’s easy for us to accommodate you!


Low ‘Per-Skid’ Prices

Our prices are incredibly competitive! Simply put, our aim is to maximize the use of our trucks in their deliveries to offset the costs associated with operating a fleet and at the same time offer great prices and freight service to businesses within our routes and deliveries.


We’re Great People to Work with

Of course, any company can claim this, but we can prove it! We have been in business since 1990, and as part of our mattress business, we service hundreds of small independent retailers across the province. Working with them has helped us become acutely aware of what it takes to provide excellent customer service and keep all of our diverse customers happy!


For an online copy of the Restwell logistics brochure please visit:



For more information, reach out to us at aidanm@restwell.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Founded in 1990, Restwell sells its product line through National Retail & Independent Dealers in Western Canada. Restwell manufactures all bedding, at its state-of-the-art facility in Surrey B.C., to order through “just in time” production techniques which serves its dealers and customers more efficiently. Most bedding orders are scheduled, produced and shipped within 3 days of receipt with fast, friendly and reliable service on our dedicated trucking fleet.




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Restwell Sleep Products is a family-owned mattress and sleep product manufacturer located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Crafting quality beds and providing exceptional sleep since 1990.

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