In our effort to do everything we possibly can to help our customers succeed, we created the Restwell Sleep Dreamy Dividends Program.

This program is built to reward and help our distributors for the hard work and dedication that they show. See below for all of the elements that make up this program that helps drive our business forward by powering those stores that floor our products.

The Great Escapes Annual Trip

Every year, Restwell Sleep Products goes on a 10-day trip to an exotic location in the world. Dealers participating in the Great Escapes program earn points throughout the year that can be used towards tickets on this trip.

For years we’ve been running this type of event, and every year our special team of sales, marketing, and management staff find a way to make the trip more fun & unique. From Bali to Panama, and everywhere in between, our close-knit group of distributors and head office staff look forward to these few days every year. During the trip, we share new products and services, as well as strategies we’ll be implementing, and then dealers share their feedback about our products, as well as their overall perception of the market and strategies that have been working for them.

Pure Energy Co-Op Digital Marketing Intiative

To help stimulate the success of our Pure Energy dealers, we created the Pure Energy Co-Op program to stimulate sales and grow this luxury mattress.

As part of the program, we share in the costs of digital advertising of Pure Energy within the dealers designated territory. This program has shown amazing results so far, vaulting many Pure Energy dealers into a sort of sales stratosphere.

Quarterly Mattress Promotions

Selling comfortable mattresses that help people get a good night’s sleep requires a lot of things, and one of those things is a sale price. Customers love a sale, and so do we! That’s why every quarter we run a promo to help stimulate both our sales, as well as our dealers.

1 on 1 Sales Coaching

There are hundreds of different sales coaching models. Many company’s are less than enthused about them — and it’s not too difficult to understand why. Some coaching models are designed for any manager with reports, rather than a sales manager and their reps. But sales is an incredibly distinct profession. It requires a unique coaching model.

Our process is designed so every rep is supported and coached to effectively contribute to your team’s ability to reach, or exceed, quota.

Quarterly Showroom Assessment & Makeover

One of our new programs is a quarterly showroom makeover. This program involves us coming into your showroom and redeveloping its look and feel for customers.

A complete remodel isn’t necessarily what we’re talking about, instead with this program we’re focusing on adding new elements to your showroom that will engage customers and create a clear customer journey. Sometimes adding a new coat of paint and reshuffling your floor models can make all the difference.

1 on 1 Marketing Audits & Personalized Collateral

We’re very proud of our ability to create eye-catching collateral pieces for both ourselves, as well as our dealers. With this program, we’re hoping to help dealers push their marketing efforts to the next level.

Plus, the marketing audit part of this program is all about learning about the goals of our dealers and helping them achieve them. Whether it’s about doubling sales or improving the look of their showroom, we can help with it all, whenever you need us!

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