Mattress Buying Guide

Pdf-32Do I Need a New Mattress?

Here are some basics to help you make an informed decision.

  • Proper support is critical. The right mattress should provide adequate support for all areas of your body, particularly your spine.
  • Hardness doesn’t necessarily equal support. A mattress doesn’t have to be hard to be good for you. New advances in cushioning materials give today’s mattresses a plush feel while still being supportive.
  • Size is important. Make sure you have enough room to stretch out. Whether the mattress is a twin or a king size, you’ll want to avoid feeling cramped.
  • Cover yourself. Make sure your mattress is covered by a good warranty. But remember that warranties only cover flaws in construction and product defects, not normal wear and tear over time.
  • Match your mattress and foundation. Your mattress and foundation are engineered to work together. The proper foundation can help extend the life of your mattress.
  • A quality foundation is a¬†good investment. The foundation acts as a shock absorber, helping relieve the mattress of stresses and last longer.
  • Bargain sleep sets are no bargain if they result in a poor night’s sleep. So, don’t just shop for the lowest price.
  • Bend-ability: Take into consideration stair ways and corners. Some mattresses have a foam perimeter allowing for more flexibility.

For more information visit Better Sleep Council of Canada: