Sleep is good. Further to that point, if you don’t sleep enough your pant size may suffer.

Do you suffer from or do any of the below?

If you do, you could be running the risk of slowing down your metabolism.

Wonder why this happens? You’re in luck, this article covers how a lack of sleep can cause your body to gain weight and become something you don’t recognize.


A Lack of Sleep Confuses Your Metabolism

If you don’t sleep at least 6 consecutive hours at a similar time every night, your sleep cycle is interrupted and changed on a weekly basis. This has the effect of really throwing off your metabolism and increasing your risk of obesity or type 2 diabetes.

A big danger in our on-the-go culture where our devices keep us connected to media and entertainment at any hour, it can feel as though we have to fit sleep into our busy schedules. However, doctors say it really should be the other way around for the sake of your health.


A Lack of Sleep Acts as the 1st Domino

Not getting enough sleep can have a domino effect on your health and life in general. Without a good sleep, your body and metabolism won’t operate as it should, which in-turn causes other aspects of your life to fall into disarray which often causes overeating. Be wary when you’re tired not to medicate yourself with food, this is a major cause of weight gain.


Causes Mood Disorders

The presence of mood disorders and disruptions in a person’s memory and cognition have been proven to be caused by a lack of sleep. Serious long-term problems that were tied to poor sleep habits included heart disease and hypertension. He added that sleep differs from person to person. But whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, our circadian rhythms have been programmed to enable sleep during the night when it’s dark.


The Takeaway

If you don’t get enough sleep and are now worrying about your waistline, your concern is justified. Sleep loss has been shown to cause alterations in satiety hormones, feelings of hunger, and can lead you to crave fatty comfort foods.

This is such a problem that it even led tech giant Apple to include “Night Shift” mode on its devices — the opportunity to change the light shining from your screen from circadian-disrupting blue to a more sleep-conducive orange hue at night.



Being active during the day, eating a healthy, and a well-balanced diet, are all keys to getting a good night’s sleep.


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