Sleeping for 8 hours is tough. But if you have distractions in your bedroom, it’s just about impossible to sleep that long. There are obvious things to do to maximize your sleep like putting your phone to bed before entering the bedroom, as well as avoiding heavy meals right before bedtime. Other items that keep you up are less obvious, however!

Read the article below to learn what items to avoid having in your bedroom, thinking about in your bedroom, or even dreaming about in your bedroom.



            Loud or Bright Devices

Oh boy, this will be a tough one, but it is extremely important. On top of being attractive for you to grab and send late-night texts, phones are also classic sleep killers because of notifications. Even if you turn them off, they always still somehow find a way to light up your phone and of course, wake you up!



Don’t do it! Just don’t do it. No matter how hard your significant other tries to convince you, don’t let your dog, cat, iguana, or any other pet you have in your bedroom. It’s always best that they sleep in their own beds.


            Work Anxiety

Self-explanatory. Don’t think about work, it’ll keep you up. Every time.



            The Tube

Every one loves falling asleep watching their favorite show, we get it, but it’s detrimental to your sleep. You may think you’re falling asleep because of the tv, but in fact you’re falling asleep because your body is so tired of watching.


            Crazy Temperature

The excessive temperature in the bedroom is a terrible idea. Whether very hot or very cold, they are not good for your sleeping patterns. Try sleeping in a cool, dark environment, it’ll change your world if you haven’t been doing so!



             Excess Stuff

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and sanctuaries should not be cluttered, dirty or excessively crowded. Keep your bedroom dignified to help your body decompress at night.



Waking up naturally is best, but if you do have to have an alarm clock, put it in the other room so that you don’t get thrown off by the light.


           Bad Bedding & Children

Buying nice, comfortable bedding is important not only to how your bedroom looks and feels but also to how you sleep. On top of great bedding, make sure to encourage your children to sleep in their own rooms if possible. Just like how pets wake you up, children will do the same if giving the opportunity!


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