Going Back to School: How-to Optimize your Sleep Habits to Achieve Great Grades

Summer is coming to a close, and aside from going cloth and school supply shopping, now’s the time to get your children back into good sleeping habits.

As a key part in the success of your child’s school year, sleep can either inhibit progress & good grades or help them achieve amazing results. While having a busy schedule is great for childhood growth, it’s important to not ask your children to take on too much at the expense of sleep.

Proper sleep is truly the foundation for a successful back-to-school. And as you read further, you’ll learn some tips to make the transition to a school sleep schedule easier.


Take a Breath

From September to June and especially during the back-to-school period, time is always at a premium. Your busy, your kids are busy, the only one who isn’t is the dog. And while there are only 24 hours in the day, it’s important to see sleep for what it is: a stress buster.

Instead of trying to deal with stress by piling your plate with a ton of stuff, try utilizing sleep to remedy all of those life stresses that get heaped upon you. Sleep is proven to help with emotional regulation, so everyone can better deal with new challenges. Plus, it is a powerful mood regulator. A full night’s rest can do wonders also for your memory, concentration, attention, even creativity – key ingredients of a good school and work performance.


A Routine You’ll Stick to is Key

Routines, routines, routines. Many will say they are how you achieve success in life. Unfortunately, just like many New Year’s Resolutions, a routine is only worth as much as you put into it. To get your kids into a sleep routine for the school year, try to make one that is reasonable, and perhaps fun.

Our brains love predictability, so make it easy by helping them know what to expect next. There is no magic routine that fits every family, but you know your family best.


Know your Kids & Adjust Slowly

Every child is different, but if you start the routine early enough, you should be able to help even the stubbornest child adapt. A couple of weeks before school starts, begin to adjust your sleep schedule. Instead of making a non-negotiable bedtime, begin with a set a wake-up time that will work for the school year. Allow enough time for your morning routine – taking into account personal preferences and how quickly (or painfully slowly) your family gets ready.


Bath Time Anyone?

A warm bath seems counter-intuitive if you’re trying to cool your body down, but it works very well because once out of the bath your body cools rapidly, which translates to a drowsy sensation sweeping over you.


This time of year is full of excitement and dread, so be patient and try your best to make it fun for your little ones. Good sleeping to all, and to all a good night!


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