We’ll admit that mattresses aren’t the most interesting topics, but there are interesting parts of them! In fact, after reading this blog post, I think you’ll be much more interested in the block of springs and foam that you sleep on.

Here are 10 fun facts about mattresses that will make you embrace your inner mattress geek.


10. The Word Mattress Means “Throw” in Arabic

In the old days, bedding was awful — it often consisted of a bunch of straw tied together with coarse binding. It wasn’t until the Crusaders went to the middle east that they discovered the joy of a comfortable mattress. The Arab world had already been sleeping on cushions. 


9. Water Beds are 5000 Years Old & Used to be Made of Goat Skin

The water bed was invented in 3600 BCE by the Persians. They used goatskins filled with water to create a mattress for royalty to sleep on. Unfortunately, this model of mattress has lost popularity in recent years, so it’s unlikely you’ll find one kicking around your friend’s house.


8. Mattress Components Used to be Part of Chairs

The first steel coil springs were invented for chair seats in 1857, but it wasn’t used in bed design until 1865, which was probably the second most impactful event of 1865 (the first being the end of the civil war). However, it wouldn’t be until the 1930s that innerspring mattresses would become popular.

7. Your Mattress is Full of Dust Mites (Up to 10 Million in-fact)

Interested in learning something gross? Your mattress is likely full of creepy crawlies unless it’s made with anti-microbial fabrics. This often happens because traditional innerspring mattresses have a lot of space for these microscopic critters to roam and reproduce. Although gross, dust mites don’t cause any problems, unless you are allergic, then they cause massive issues. 

6. Mattresses Weigh Much More at the End of Their Lives then they do at the Start

Mattresses can sometimes double their own weight over the course of ten years. That’s because they acquire a buildup of dust mites, sweat, and dead skin cells. 

5. Old & Low-Quality Mattresses Cause Lower Back Issues

As one of the largest contributors to lower back pains, old & low-quality mattresses have become an epidemic for owners.


4. In Washington, You Can’t Buy Mattresses on Sunday

Although we don’t sell into the US, even if we did, you wouldn’t be able to buy one in Washington on Sunday! What a crazy law.

3. Fitted Sheets were Invented Recently

Invented in 1958 by a woman named Berta Berman, fitted sheets have become one of the most important sleeping inventions in the world. It’s incredible that they were invented so recently!

2. “Sleep Tight” Came from when Mattresses were Tied to Ropes

Mattresses used to have ropes tied around them to keep the bed from sagging. So, “sleep tight,” actually meant tightening the ropes. Who knew this cute goodnight phrase was actually a functional reminder for better sleep?

1. Your Mattress is Easy to Recycle

Mattresses, like any other major home furnishing, is tough to recycle, but you still can! It’s important to do so because mattresses take up a lot of space in the landfill needlessly. If you’re interested in learning more about this Canadian program, check out this website!


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