Music is important to us. It’s intertwined throughout our society and every one of us has their own tastes and music preferences. Whether it is a love, hate, sad, or happy song, there is always one that can get you through the day. Music is the perfect way to improve your mood or put you in the mood you want to be in at any particular time.

Many people are so invested in their music that they find it easier to sleep whilst listening to their favorite playlist or album. But is this a good idea? Let’s find out together!


How Does Music Affect Us?

Music is totally subjective, meaning that we all react to it differently. That extends to every element of our lives with music, some people love music to pick up their mood, but many others use it to calm themselves down, and so on and so forth. Music is truly unique in its power to affect us and change the way we’re feeling.


Sleeping with Music: What Is It Good For?

We’re all addicted to our phones and technology these days, and of course, that extends to our bedrooms. When it comes to bedtime, oftentimes our sleep rituals somehow involve some form of technology. This is when many of us put down our phones and turn on the tunes.

Why do so many of us do this? Studies have shown that listening to music while trying to fall asleep could be used as an alternative treatment for those who may suffer from PTSD and insomnia. Another study showed that classical music improved the quality of sleep in those who suffered from various sleep problems. On the flip side, some researchers suggest that falling asleep to music has been known to cause an increase in heart rate resulting in wakefulness.


Sleeping with Earbuds

Earbuds are a great way to sleep with music without disturbing your partner. This way of enjoying music in the bed, however, poses certain risks including:

Necrosis – This is the death of body tissue. This can happen if the buds don’t fit well and cause pressure on the skin in the ear canal.

Wax Build up– When wax can’t escape from the ears, it builds up and may need to be suctioned out. Along with being really gross, it is also quite unhealthy.

Wakefulness – Often times, earbuds will cause you to stay awake during the night. They are intrusive, but if you’re comfortable with them, then go ahead cautiously.



If you are the only person sleeping in the room, listening to the radio rather than earbuds a great way to go. Another possible alternative that could work with someone else in the room is listening to the television. If you don’t have a radio, which wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t give all of the alternative technology, simply turn on the television. This method of falling asleep isn’t ideal because the blue light coming off the television has been proven to stimulate your mind, causing your body to stay awake longer.


The Conclusion

The overall point of this article is that it is far from terrible to fall asleep with music on, the only variable that can make it potentially harmful is the way you do so. If you aren’t accustomed to listening to music or are easily awoken by a sound, sleeping while listening probably isn’t the ideal thing for you. Listening to music has proven effects on those who suffer from many psychological and sleep-related issues. Because of this, it would make sense that listening to music would help your body get more and better rest through the night.


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