Finding the perfect mattress for you is tough, but worth every second of it once you find the perfect model. There are so many things to consider beyond just if you’re comfortable in the moment. For example, you need to consider if you will be comfortable throughout the night? Will you wake up with a sore back? For those with back conditions, mattress shopping can be very stressful since the wrong choice might mean daily discomfort.

For someone trying to decide whether or not a firm mattress will hurt their back, it’s important to read below, as the myth about firm mattresses is largely untrue.


The Firm Myth

The main misconception surrounding firmer mattresses is that they provide a lot of support. People assume these because firm mattresses feel stiff and strong, giving us the impression that we’re being supported. This isn’t necessarily true; however, a very firm mattress might be very comfortable for someone who sleeps on his back, but a side sleeper would likely find that same mattress extremely uncomfortable.

Side sleepers require a mattress that conforms to the curves of the body, so naturally, a very firm mattress wouldn’t be the best choice. Stomach sleepers require something in between, because a hard surface would probably be uncomfortable but sinking into a soft mattress can lead to overextension of the lower back. It’s important to note that if you take two mattresses from the same collection, whether their comfort level is very firm or very soft, they likely have the same coil system.


                Contoured Support

Contouring can be equally important for preventing back pain. Usually, back pain isn’t caused by a sleeping surface that is too hard, per se, but rather by improper support that causes the spine to rest in an unnatural position. When asleep, you want your spine to be in a naturally comfortable and relatively straight position.

A mattress that is too soft or too firm for how you sleep can cause dips and gaps in support, focusing pressure or bending segments of your spine. This is often the cause of waking with a sore back, so be sure your mattress provides both the support AND contouring your body needs to keep your spine straight and supported.



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