Our Chiro Comfort Collections provide a bed for everybody...

The Chiro Comfort & Chiro Comfort Collections provide a full range of support levels to meet the needs of all sleeping styles. We make it easy to find the perfect fit...we have a bed for everyBody.

Back & Front Sleepers

A firm mattress will provide a solid sleeping surface and optimal spinal alignment.

All Sleepers

A medium mattress, that is not too soft and not too firm will allow you to sleep to in any position comfortably. This bed is an ideal choice for guest bedrooms, or master bedrooms where a couple has different sleeping preferences.

Side Sleepers

A plush mattress will provide cushioning to the contours of your body and alleviate pressure points.

Comfort Scale

Our Comfort Scale is designed to help you choose the best mattress for yourself based on your personal sleeping patterns and preferences. It simplifies the overwhelming choices, making it easy to find the best bed for you.

Core Technologies

The Chiro Comfort Collections offer 4 types of core technologies and various combinations of comfort and support layers to help you find the bed that is “Just Right” for you.


The Chiro Comfort Collections offers mattresses with an incredible variety of features and benefits.