A Bed-in-a-Box Partnership with us looks like...

Our “Bed in a Box” partnership program is designed for regional sleep shops, online retailers, as well as larger regional distributors. We currently manufacture bed-in-a-box models for multiple clients, including a few large Canadian online mattress retailers. These strong relationships show just strong and reliable our products and devoted customer service is.

Our Vancouver, BC factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to work very on innovative projects, as well as deliver our sleep system products quickly and accurately. This has helped us guarantee client and customer satisfaction.

Achieve your Business Goals

With a little help from us!

Simplified Sleep Solutions

As part of the growing “Bed in a Box” evolution, Restwell has years of experience helping online mattress distributors expand and grow their businesses. Restwell has a world-class factory located right here in Vancouver, BC, Canada, meaning it can serve your unique needs in a prompt & personalized way.

With our years of manufacturing experience and digital expertise, we’re perfectly suited to be the backbone and manufacturer for your business!

Years of Experience

Our program can be tailored and personalized for any brand that requires a reputable, first-rate manufacturer. Currently, we supply several Canadian E-commerce brands and have an agile manufacturing process that can accommodate your unique needs. Our vast distribution network allows us to easily service clients in any part of Western Canada.

Because of this, we’re able to offer very competitive shipping costs compared to other regional manufacturers.


Hospitality Program

With our customer-centric, lean approach to mattress manufacturing, Restwell has become a trusted leader in hospitality sleep solutions over the past 30 years. Every mattress we manufacturer for our hospitality customers are designed to align to brand-specific requirements and provide exceptional, lasting comfort – and a reliable investment.

We’re very well-suited to work with businesses in the hospitality industry because not only do we have experience servicing this sector already, but we also have the ability to fully customize and personalize every mattress in our line to suit your businesses needs.

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