Spring Air’s Back Supporter Core, Royale, & Platinum series of beds offer a combination of exceptional spinal support and pressure-relieving comfort, while keeping your body cool for the perfect night’s rest…come experience the luxury of a good night’s sleep!



The 7-5-3 system begins with a 7-zone layer of contouring foam that cushions your body and conforms to your curves, providing the ultimate luxurious feel.


All Back Supporter mattresses are designed with a 5-zone individually pocketed coil system to provide you optimal support and pressure relief at the hips, shoulders, and knees so you can get a restful night’s sleep.


Our 3-zone Eco-base provides you and your mattress with superior durability and extra support in the center third, where your body needs it most.

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Canadian Quality Craftsmanship

It all starts with the materials we use – from our lumber and steel to our Certi-Pur US certified foams, we use the highest quality materials to craft our beds.

Canadian-made Pocket Coils – our pocket coil spring units are made with locally-sourced Canadian steel to ensure high quality and durability. Unlike many other manufacturers, we make our coils ourselves in our factories across Canada with our own technology, which allows us to ensure the highest level of quality.

Canadian Lumber – the wood for our foundations is bought from a Canadian supplier and replenished yearly through our Forest For Tomorrow program. We care about the environment and our ecological footprint, and we ensure that we plant more trees than we use every year.

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